Collabio is the first-ever online toolset for creatives to upload, share, critique and annotate both video and still imagery while utilizing video chat to bring together creative teams in real time, regardless of their physical location around the globe.

Whether you are a filmmaker, animator, photographer, illustrator, designer, painter, teacher or student, Collabio empowers professionals, educators and individual creatives to share their work and get feedback from anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Browser or iOS based users can collaborate on content face to face with any member of their creative team in real time. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and you are collaborating with Collabio!

What is Collabio?

Creative Swap

Create a Collabio account and you are ready to upload your video content or still images to Collabio. You can manage, share and critique your content in real-time with your creative team anywhere in the world.

How Collabio Works

Collabio is an artist driven company, made up of a handful of film, animation and design veterans that simply set out to service a selfish need: to be able to collaborate in realtime on the web using video chat while simultaneously being able to control and annotate video and still imagery.

Who is Collabio

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